Bhagwati Enterprises is store of traditional Indian handicrafts, founded in 1986 by B.P. Goswami. We started with a small 1500 square foot warehouse which has now grown to over 250,00 square feet, based in New Delhi Capital of India. Bhagwati Enterprises is a recognized and reliable source for the retailer. Bhagwati Enterprises offers the best quality handicrafts & home furnishing products. We are the leading manufacturers, exporters & suppliers of handicrafts & home furnishing products in India. Our products are available in a variety of styles, designs, shapes and finishes. We can also customize our sequines as per the customer’s specific requirements.

India is a country of rich and diverse tradition, colors, fragrances, festivals and languages. Today, owing to the increasing handicrafts manufacturing and handicrafts exports, the Indian traditional handicrafts culture has reached every nook and corner of the world. The legacy of Indian handicrafts culture promises everything – beauty, dignity, form and style. The majestic appeal of the arts and crafts of India lies in its exclusivity and mystical tone which leaves people frenzied.

Today, handicrafts and handcrafted gift items manufactured and exported from India are much sought after and have established an unsurpassable reputation in the international market. Wooden handicrafts from India are available are carved, painted or inlaid on Teak Wood, Rose Wood, Shisam, Pinea and Jungle. Stone handicrafts are made using Marble, Soap Stone, Granite, Sand Stone or Semi Precious Stones. Metal handicrafts are created using gold, silver, platinum, white metal and iron which are further painted, polished, lacquered, etched and embossed. Papier mache, one the most popular handicraft items from Kashmir, Rajasthan and Bihar, in great demand abroad, is known for its unique combination of line and colour on moulded forms of various objects. Glass handicrafts are created in exquisite shapes in rich colors, embossed with gold or colored design. Cane/Bamboo handicraft items are also embellished using other metals such as iron and brass. Clay, Ceramic and Stone ware is either painted or lacquered to create pure magic in earthen wares. Lac handicrafts available in little tinker holders used for placing precious ear-rings, rings and as vermilion (sindoor) boxes are of great utility. Paper handicrats are available as desktop accessories like diaries, pen stands, slip pads, business card holders, magazine stand, dust bin; lampshades in varied designs and hues; sturdy paper; paper shopping bags; etc. Sculptural handicrafts are displayed in an exquisite range of sculptural moulded figures made from varied bases like metals, stones, wood, etc. Macrame handicraft items obtainable as ladies bags, napkin holders telephone mats and related paraphernalia designed artistically are specimens of excellent craftsmanship. The handcrafted costume jewelry embellished in gold, silver, platinum, white metal, crystal, glass, etc. and studded with precious and semi-precious stones is another feature that add to the rich repertoire of Indian handicraft and gift items.

We realized that Indian handicrats across the world drew lot of attention and appreciation for their traditionality, and aestheticity. However, there was a gap in the supply of the genuine, traditional Indian handicraft products in the market. The idea was to make ethnic Indian products accessible across the globe with a simple click on a mouse.

Besides commercial interest, the genuine desire to promote Indian handicrafts, and create sustainable environment for the craftsmen and artist, guided us in our endeavor. Our locational factor too helped us to access the information on traditional art forms and their practitioners.

Today, we have emerged as one of the credible names in providing exquisite Indian handicrafts & Home furnishing products all across the world.

Most of craft products displayed on our site are directly procured from the craftsmen. The idea is to improve their compensation by doing away with the middlemen and also ensure that you receive the product of at a reasonable price.

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